Operator Procurement Information

Operator Procurement Information 2018-07-10T13:00:25+00:00

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise is preparing an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) for an Operator Team for the SunTrax Facility

The selected Operator will perform management, operation, and maintenance of the facility, assist with marketing and business development, and provide test services to customers.

To sign up to receive notifications regarding the Operator contract and to have your contact information displayed on this website, please use this form.

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The ITN Advertisement is expected to be published in late summer or early fall on the Department’s Vendor Bid System at the following location


Note that Vendors who submit proposals must be registered to do business in the state of Florida prior to receipt of proposals.  Information on how to register is at the following location


For additional information about
the Operator contract, please contact:

Paul Satchfield
SunTrax Program Manager
(407) 264-3458

Josh Pedersen, PE
SunTrax Project Manager
(407) 264-3438