Operator Procurement Information

Operator Procurement Information2018-08-15T13:26:44+00:00
Interested Vendors as of 1/16/192019-01-17T10:07:01+00:00


Business Name Contact Name Email Phone Number
Intertek Testing Services NA Inc. Ralph Buckingham ralph.buckingham@intertek.com 231-250-5742
Transportation Research Center Inc. Ronald Wesley Burton burtonr@trcpg.com 937-935-8563
IDIADA Automotive Technology USA Jeremy Goddard jeremy.goddard@idiada.com 248-402-3486
Applus IDIADA Stefan de Vries sdevries@idiada.com 34 977 189 360
Applus IDIADA Ricardo Satue rsatue@idiada.com 34 600 925 282
SGS Transportation Mary Joyce mary.joyce@sgs.com 248-420-5229
JDPL Sports Peter Baglieri pbaglieri@mac.com 917-273-8372
Millbrook Peter Stoker peter.stoker@millbrook.co.uk 44 152 584 2519
International Speedway Corporation Scott Hollingsworth shollingsworth@iscmotorsports.com 614-638-7600
Battelle Dan Berler berler@battelle.org 703-413-7284
IDIADA Automotive Technology USA Ramon Zabala rzabala@idiada.com 34 607 807 640
IDIADA Automotive Technology USA Marc Pinilla mpinilla@idiada.com 34 600 925 302
IDIADA Automotive Technology USA Abel Carbonell acarbonell@idiada.com 34 607 073 749
IDIADA Automotive Technology USA Stefan De Vries sdevries@idiada.com 34 667 167 626
IDIADA Automotive Technology USA Xavier Cabus xcabus@idiada.com 34 607 073 722
DEKRA Jose Aurelio Rodrigo joseaurelio.rodrigo@dekra.com 34 952 619 833
PMG Technologies Franck Bonny franck@pmgtest.com 450-430-7981
PMG Technologies Claude Sauvageau csauvageau@pmgtest.com 450-430-7981
First Transit Jeff Peterson jeff.peterson@firstgroup.com 206-898-1725
Nexutech, LLC John Lambert johnlambert@nexutech.com 703-628-8724
Metric Engineering Jessica M. Moses jessica.moses@metriceng.com 407-644-1898
FEV Consulting Mayank Agochiya agochiya@fev.com 248-804-7852
North Highland Company Christopher McCarthy chris.mccarthy@northhighland.com 202-256-4795
CDM Smith Carleen Flynn flynncm@cdmsmith.com 407-660-6423
Athena-Tek Janio Sanchez janio.sanchez@athena-tek.com 407-965-2025
Athena-Tek Tracy Sanchez tracy.sanchez@athena-tek.com 954-391-1089
BRPH Marti Watts mwatts@brph.com 321-751-3071
FEV North America, Inc. John Zelasko zelasko@fev.com 248-778-7263
The Collage Companies Rob Maphis rmaphis@collage-usa.com 407-829-2257
RK&K Michael Lausier mlausier@rkk.com 407-919-8300
RK&K Joshua Carter jcarter@rkk.com 863-370-9682
HORIBA MIRA Limited Rob Capaldi rob.capaldi@horiba-mira.com 44 (0)24 7635 5000
Bestmile USA Warren Perry warren.perry@bestmile.com 484-883-4847
Global 5 Mary Hamill marykhamill@global-5.com 407-571-6761
TranSystems Andrew William Nicol awnicol@transystems.com 407-790-0135
Exclusive Origin Judson Brundage jbrundage@exclusiveorigin.com 904-349-2857
Advanced Disposal Kylie Travis kylie.travis@AdvancedDisposal.com 863-226-8869
PRUV Mobility Ecosystem John Fairbanks john.fairbanks@pruvmobility.com 812-350-1600
PRUV Mobility Ecosystem Frederick Cartwright fred.cartwright@pruvmobility.com 313-588-1434
PRUV Mobility Ecosystem Thomas J Snyder thomas.j.snyder@comcast.net 313-588-1434
INSITE Solutions Group LLC Jeff Kling jkling@in-sitesolutions.com 404-457-3519
The New Florida Industrial Electric, Inc. David Wallace david.wallace@fie-inc.com 407-379-1742
Splunk Andres Vitola avitola@splunk.com 703-927-3198

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise is preparing an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) for an Operator Team for the SunTrax Facility

The selected Operator will perform management, operation, and maintenance of the facility, assist with marketing and business development, and provide test services to customers.

To sign up to receive notifications regarding the Operator contract and to have your contact information displayed on this website, please use this form.

*Full Name
*Business Name
*Website Link
*Phone Number


The ITN Advertisement is expected to be published in late summer or early fall on the Department’s Vendor Bid System at the following location


Note that Vendors who submit proposals must be registered to do business in the state of Florida prior to receipt of proposals.  Information on how to register is at the following location


For additional information about
the Operator contract, please contact:

Paul Satchfield
SunTrax Program Manager
(407) 264-3458

Josh Pedersen, PE
SunTrax Project Manager
(407) 264-3438