In a new proof-of-concept, the Departments of Transportation of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia will use connected vehicle data to help monitor and manage emergency evacuations during the hurricane season.

The initiative will use data from Wejo and its network of connected vehicles as people are evacuating to get out of the path of an approaching hurricane. Other partners in the project are database technology company Moonshadow Mobile and the Eastern Transportation Coalition, which is a partnership of 17 states and the District of Columbia focused on connecting public agencies across modes of travel to increase safety and efficiency.

During an evacuation, one of the biggest problems for traffic managers is how to avoid congestion on major escape routes. With the live traffic data system, traffic management centers will have up-to-date information on speeds and congestion from hundreds of thousands of driving vehicles within minutes.

They will be able to see when traffic is becoming congested and where they need to implement lane direction reversals to increase capacity. The system shows which alternate routes are still moving well and how traffic should be redirected. Playing back movement over time will also provide insights into when and where the public is evacuating.

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